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Trust, safety and consistency of our company will make your holidays easier and more enjoyable! We guarantee safe and fast transfer to any part of Crete with our courteous and experienced drivers! If you need more information or if you have questions, we’ll be happy to see your mail.

If you are going to arrive at the airport / port of Heraklion / Chania, you have to inform us one day before, in order to be sure of your proper service. If you are in Crete and you need a transfer with cabookingcrete.com, there is no limitation! You can fill in the contact form, make us questions or call us by telling the exact place you are in! You will immediately find out how long the nearest car will be at you! 

The driver who takes over your transfer, will know the exact time your flight arrives as well as the exit gateway! He will be waiting for you by holding a tablet that will write your name and the name of our company!

If you are sure you have come out of the right exit, then contact us to help you and give you further information! 

No, you have no obligation. We have communication with the airport and we know the exact time of arrivals!

We will know that. If you arrive on another flight or the next day and want your transfer, then let us know by mail the details of your new flight!

Questions & Answers

There is absolutely no extra charge and you will pay what you already know!

Of course we can! Send us a mail with your interests (eg if you like the quiet or if you prefer holidays in a traditional place etc) and in just a few hours you will receive the answer along with photographic material!

All excursions are unique and beautiful! Let us know about your interests and the time at your disposal! After a while you will receive our suggestions with all the details that will help you decide what suits you!

Cabookingcrete.com can cover you with no problem! We also provide specially formulated values in these cases! Contact us to find out more details!

Once your transport has finished and you get the proof, then you pay the driver by credit card or cash!

Responsible Transfers

Cabookingcrete.com guarantees high quality services and also reasonable transfer rates! Our company is composed by experienced drivers and employees, who are ready all year to meet your every need.

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